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Chadoda, Indore

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About Chadoda

Chadoda is a Village in the Madhya Pradesh State. Chadoda is under the jurisdiction of Depalpur Mandal in Indore District of the Madhya Pradesh State. It is located at a distance of just 14 Kms from the Depalpur main town and is located near Gautampura Village near Major District Road. The Chadoda Village is at a distance of 37 Kms from the District main city Indore and at a distance of 196 Kms from the State main city Bhopal. The nearby regions to Chadoda are Depalpur, Atavada, Atyana, Bachhoda, Badoli Hoj, and Bagoda. The nearby towns to Chadoda are Sanwer, Mhow and Indore. The Pin code for the Chadoda Village is 453220. Chadoda is located at latitude 23.0053 and longitude 75.52941.

Connectivity to Chadoda:-

Chadoda being located closer to Gautampura and the Major District road it has both railways as well roadways as source of transportation available towards the Chadoda Village. The railway service is available at the Gautampura Road Railway Station that has several trains towards Ujjayini, Indore and Depalpur. The Buses are also available from the bus terminals located at the regions of Gautumpura, Ujjayini and Depalpur which cover different parts across the district as well as the State. The Chadoda Village is located at a distance of 52 Kms from the Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport near Indore.

Landmarks near Chadoda:-

The few well known landmarks near the Chadoda Village region that help in locating different places in and around the Chadoda Village are:

  • Gautumpura Railway Station
  • Bar Nagar
  • Depalpur
  • State Highway 18
  • Major District Road

Educational Institutions near Chadoda:-

Chadoda being a Village has not many Schools so people in this region travel to surrounding regions where there are several government and private institutions that offer a wide range of courses. Few institutions around this region are:

  • St. Thomas High School near Bar Nagar
  • Maharaja College
  • Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology and Science
Along with these institutions the government is planning to launch some Schools and universities along with research institutions across this region.

Medical Institutions near Chadoda:-

The Government had already started construction of a hospital in this region and along with that it even appointed many well trained Anganwadi workers in this region. Few well equipped hospitals that are present across this region are

  • Ujjain Charitable Trust Hospital & Research Centre
  • CHL Medical Centre
  • Shri G D Birla Memorial Hospital
  • Pushpa Mission Hospital
  • Sanjeevani Hospital

Real Estate around Chadoda:-

The Chadoda Village is located at an altitude that has pleasant climatic conditions throughout the year due to which several people are interested in buying farm houses across this region. This region is going to be the next real estate hub due to the natural facilities present across this region.

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