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Vastu Vidya

A brief Description

In India, the comprehensive of Vastu Vidya is based on the study of geomancy which is initiating in this country. Basically the Vastu Vidya is of Vedic astrology which originates the fundamental architectural designing of a building from celestial power escaping from terrestrial activities. The study of the Vastu Vidya incorporates the entire sympathetic of the Vedic Indian architecture track. With the patent explanation of the VastuPurusha Mandala, the Vastu guide starts and the zoning of the each and every plot is prepared on the foundation of this. The Maharishi Sthapatya Veda is the comprehensive information of the precise Vastu Vidyastudy. For the acquiring the entire concepts on the foundation Vastu science, you can find wide range of the books accessible in the markets regarding to the VastuVidyascience. You have the option of the downloading from the internet at your place itself without any cost Vastu software or e-books where in you can compile the accessible data to form your desirable study item.

The Vastu Kala Academy is educational institute concerning to the architecture and interior decoration well known by the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) which is the perfect choice for the Vastu VidyaShastra course seekers and even it provides the full time documentation and degree courses in Vastu Shastra. There is option, which makes the every person easy to learn that is the courses are given in the mother tongue. The courses are accessible in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi etc and even other local languages. Several local VastuGurukulams are even getting the certificate courses in this earliest Indian skill. Study practically or openly by any of the mediums, Vastu knowledge will depart you improved in truest wisdom. www.propertykhazana.com provides in the section of the Vastu zone with the more information on each issue regarding to Vastu. Just click on to our portals and absorb the knowledge which you are needed.

Vastu Design Books, Vastu Shastra Principles Each and every books of the Vastu design begins with the portrayal of the five fundamentals of nature known as Panchbhootas – namely – Earth (Prithvi), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Water (Jal), and sky (Aakaash). The foundation of the VastuVidyawill starts with the construction process of the site. According to the Vastu strategy, the rectangular or cube shaped site is advantage and the triangular site will become unfavourable. The site is favored one when its direction is to the east to west. In entire books of the Vastu advocate open locations to be greatest in the direction of north and east and in the west direction of the building are all most positioned the trees. Vastu VidyaMandala is the one which is the site designing for the sites begins with a Vastu illustration or development chart. This chart provides the complete isolations of the Vastu Purusha Mandala and the guides the Vastu agent in providing you the fundamental of architecture and planning for the plot and also mixtures of any Vastu Dosha existing in the routes of the site. Concerning all the Vastu Shastra and astrology are highly made influenced to the earliest Indian architecture. The inheritance is persistent in the fundamental plot designing and building of entire temples in India. Nowadays the popularity of the Vastu and Feng Shui (a Chinese equivalent of Vastu VidyaShastra) are getting higher. There are wide ranges of e-books on Vastu science wherein you can get the fundamentals and Vastu ideology with valuable Vastu instructions to bring affluence into your livelihood. VastuVidyaPrinciples

Special things which should be required to declare in circumstance to the books of the Vastu science regarding the fundamentals of Vastu are the unique Vastu Remedies. It is the VastuGanesha one which is an icon of lord Ganesha along the trunk directing to the left side. It is well thought out as the successful safety beside any Vastu Dosha. According to the Vastu science, positive materials such as pyramid, mirror and many have unique locating in the homes. In kitchens locations mirrors are not suggested. Also the colour chart is suggested by the VastuVidyaShastra which is every eight directions and thus telling greatest power introducing colour to be positioned in that path. The detailed information regarding to the Vastu values and the different concepts like Vastu Dosha, mixtures, Vastu Mandala and many facilitates you to successfully involve the extreme spirit of Vastu for achievement of yourself and your home. Know more about the Vastu on portals on our sites. Vastu Direction / Vastu VidyaShastra Directions The 4 fundamental directions which have been categorizations in the Vastu VidyaDirection such as East, West, North and South even the corners among 2 directions. The corners imparting power from mutual directions and they are North East, South East, and North West and South West handles essential role according to the Vastu VidyaShastra. These directions are linked with a planet and a great energy from the Hindu legends. Vastu God Direction Vastu directions are applied and the God is positioned accordingly: For each and every Vastu direction there is representation of the god or the planet and they are: The lord Indra represents the East direction The planet Jupiter represents the direction of North East. The planet Mercury and the lord Kuber represent the North direction. The lord VayuDev represents the North West direction The lord Varun and Saturn represents the West direction. The lord Rahu and also the Devils represents the direction of South West The planet Pluto, Mars and Lord Yama represents the direction of South. The planet Venus and Lord Agni Dev represents the direction of South. Vastu Direction for Home

In VastuVidyaShastra, the terrestrial cosmic power is given much more importance and the consequence of every power crew connected to the aforementioned celestial energies. Knowing about entire the fundamental values and leading the power worshippers in every direction, Vastu advocates the considered locating of different sections in your house. They are: The Pooja Room is to be positioned towards the North East Corner. The bathroom should be in the East direction. The kitchen should be in the South East direction corner. The bedroom should be in the South direction. The learning room or the library should be on to the South West corner. The dining region should be in the West direction. The store room should be in North West direction. The house coffers should be in the North direction. The above fundamentals of Vastu VidyaShastra facilitate an invasion of optimistic power into your house and thus convey harmony and success. More details regarding to the Vastu VidyaShastra or to take other immediate instructions of Vastu well known for your house or designing the fundamental building of your home, log on to our consequent sheets devoted to every sections. Vastu VidyaShastra Purusha Mandala The middle premise of the Vastu is the VastuPurusha Mandala wherein it prompts the VastuVidyaShastra. Overall the metaphysical plot designs of a building or plot including the track of cosmic powers and paranormal energies is known as the Vastu Purusha Mandala. A marvel which takes with the configuration of Vastu Purusha studies – An amorphous individual, a long time ago sterile heaven from the earth. During that time with the several heavenly Gods and the lord Brahma intent VastuPurusha to the ground which identified strongly represented by the VastuPurusha Mandala. By the different amount of the Mandala was represented by every god in form of involvement which was owed to the each heavenly energy. Some gods are allocated as concentric to the Brahmasthana wherein the Brahmasthana is the middle zone of the Vastu Mandala. Various gods are adjacent to the eight directions of Vastu Mandala. VastuPurusha is the power for controlling. He is one who will look or face down along the head spotting towards direction of North East and his legs towards the direction of the South West. Yearly change will happen to position of the Vastu Purusha.

The fundamental outline of the Vastu Mandala is square which is the major blessed concerning to Hindu Legends. On basis of partitions of the fundamental square, the different kinds of Manadalas are recognized. The partitions will differ from one to thousand twenty four along one to thirty two squares on every side. The middle part of Vastu Mandala which is called as the Brahmasthana has a spread varying from one square component to nine square components depending on the number of partitions in the Vastu Mandala. According to the fundamentals of Vastu Mandala site designing of every site is done by the partition of the plots into networks along the assist of PadaVinayasa concept. Concerning the position of the Gods the coning of the plots are done. Regarding to the certain importance however susceptible power building spots like Marmas, nothing construction process is suggested.

We can get the approved individuality which a plot for a constructing should possess according to the stream of power which would help in that specific region of industry. On the topic of Vastu you can most of information wherein you can collect the information regarding to it and even take helpful Vastu instructions and pursue successful Vastu mixtures for the specific Vastu Dosha, log on to our portals.


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