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Printers india ink laser printers

A brief Description

Printers In India, Ink, Laser Printers

The Printers in India are increasing in equality with the sale of computers. All working places are just empty if there were no computer systems good quality Office Printer. Printers are of three types:

Dot-matrix Printer:

A dot matrix printer is a type of computer printer with a print head, which prints on a page by force, striking an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper similar to the print mechanism on a typewriter. A dot matrix printer is enhanced with 2-dimensional array of dots used to represent characters, symbols and images. Likewise the dot matrix printers were being used in old generation computers and many digital display devices. On a Dot Matrix printer while printing, the print head lights up the same as in an LED or CRT display or darken, as in an LCD; however the multicolor LCDs initially dark and light up.

Dot Matrix manufacturers had increased the pin count of 9 pins to 18 and 24. Like any other impact printer, dot matrix printer can print only multi-part stationery and print carbon-copies. The main disadvantage of Dot Matrix printer creates sound while printing and have to be used in quiet environments. The other disadvantage is it can only print lower-resolution graphics, with partial color performance, quality, and lower the speed in comparison to non-impact printers.

Inkjet Printers:

An inkjet printer is a type of computer printer that prints a digital image by pushing variable sized droplets of liquid material onto a page. The most common type of printer is the Inkjet Printer with enhanced needs to consumer inexpensive for small scale sectors and pricey for professional sectors. The concept of Inkjet printers was recognized in the 19th century and the improved technology was initially developed in early 1950.

Laser Printer:

A laser printer is a type of computer printer that quickly prints high quality either text or graphics on a plain paper compared to impact printer.

The laser printer involves a rotating polygonal mirror, which directs the laser beam in the course of a system of lenses and mirrors onto the photoreceptor. The laser beam sweeps up across the photoreceptor at an angle to make the sweep straight across the page and the cylinder keeps on rotating during the sweep and the angle of sweep recompense for this motion.

Special care should be taken to the Printers; the Ink Cartridges should be refilled frequently. Cleaning and quality checking of the Printer should be done regularly to guarantee high quality result. The Printer Reviews guides the people to decide precisely of which Printer to buy.

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