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Mamidipalli, Hyderabad

Mamidipalli Hyderabad, Apartment for Sale, Hyderabad Real Estate, Property News and Update

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About Mamidipalli Hyderabad

Mamidipalli is a Village situated near Rajendra Nagar of Hyderabad District. The nearby areas of Mamidipalli are Shamshabad, Rajendra Nagar, and Kucharlapatipuram, Lemoor, Kothur, Talakondapally, Bala Nagar, Amangal and some the nearby places are Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Green City Farm Lands, Jalpalli Tallab, Kattedam, Premavatipet Cheruvu and the substation of Mamidipally.

About Mamidipalli in Hyderabad

Mamidipalli has many Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Banks, Theatres, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Retail Stores and other Business Centres in its Vicinity. Some of the major Landmarks of Mamidipalli are the Salar Jung Museum, Chowmahalla Palace, Birla Planetarium, Nehru Zoological Park and the Tai Falaknuma Palace Mamidipalli is located at 17015’36” towards the north and 78026’26 towards the east and its PIN code is 503224.

List of Educational Institutions in Mamidipalli

Mamidipalli in Hyderabad District has been rapidly developing and there are a number of Educational Institutions thriving in and around the locality. Some of the major Educational Institutions located in Mamidipalli are: o MVSR Engineering College o All Saints High School o Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University o Green Fort Engineering College o Pragati Maha Vidhayala

List of Hospitals in Mamidipalli

Mamidipalli is one of the most developing areas located in Hyderabad. There are a number of Hospitals that are emerging in and around Mamidipalli. Some of the major Hospitals located here are: o Global Hospital o Fernandez Hospital o Kamineni Hospital Aware Global Hospital o Care Hospital o Osmania General Hospital

List of IT/Software Companies in Mamidipalli

Mamidipalli region also has some reputed IT/Software companies emerging and is doing brisk business. A list of the major IT/Software companies in Mamidipalli is furnished below: o CAT Technologies Ltd o Arena Multimedia o Extreme Software Solutions Pvt Ltd o Voice Gate Technologies Pvt Ltd o Relgo Networks

Property trend in Mamidipalli

There are a lot of developmental activities going on in Mamidipalli and the city is busy with a hectic schedule of activities. Since the business in the region is increasing, the property rates are zooming and as such there is more demand for residential complexes in the region. As such many private groups have started construction of apartments and are letting them either on sale, or for rent or for outright purchase. Some of the Apartments that are located in and around the Mamidipalli area like Manikonda and so on are:

List of Apartments in Mamidipalli

  • Sreeji City
  • Allied Homes
  • Metro Landmark
  • Likitha Enclave
  • Happy Home Imperial
  • The Meadow Dance
  • SV Manikonda
  • Swasti Nilayam
  • Manasa Hills
  • MQ Dreams

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