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House Vastu Shastra

A brief Description

With the help of Vastu Shastra the house building plan can be prepared to maintain passivity and calmness. The house place will be occupied by the cosmic power always and people who live in the house will also be surrounded by this natural power. By balancing this natural cosmic power in the house environment will certainly help the people to live with more comfort and happiness as it affects in a different way both on mind and body in a positive way. Because of lack of application of this Vastu Shastra in house building while constructing certain failures will occur without any body’s knowledge, which will be called as ‘Vastu Dosha’. To overcome from this Vastu Dosha and to get success the application of house Vastu Shastra will certainly help. The overall peaceful mind can be obtained with the help of this House Vastu Shastra and to it will become very easy to live with all happiness.

Vastu Tips for Home (Tips on House Vastu) The following instant house VastuShastra tips furnished by www.propertykhazana.com will certainly help the people to get benefited much and get rid of the Vastu Dosha of a house by proper modification in structure of the house architecture as per the ancient Indian Vedic Architectural Science. The best and the ideal direction for the main entry of a house are either East or West depending on the location. The direction where the North and the East will coincide is better place to worship God and to accommodate for Pooja room. Idols of God and Goddess can be placed in any direction except facing south. Even while worshipping or performing Pooja, one should not face South direction. The staircase can be constructed either in South or South West and climbing the steps should be either from the East to West or North to south are preferable. The total numbers of steps to be climbed should be in odd figure. The total number of columns of a building should be of even in number.

The owner of the family should have his sleeping room in South West direction. The other women family members can have their rest room in the West direction. In the directions of North East or South East corner, bedrooms should not be accommodated at any cost. The North West corner place should be meant for the guests. In the South West, West or South direction drawing room can be constructed.

As per Vastu tips, there should be separate accommodation for the utility of bathing and toilet and accommodation should be maintained in the direction either in South or in West. Due to shortage of separate place now a day both toilet and bathroom will be combined in one place that can be seen all types of houses. But it should be constructed in a way; the used water should flow in the North East direction. To get hot water for bathing, geysers can be installed on South East direction, the Lord Agni place. To keep good health and prosperity a balcony in the North East direction is preferred in house Vastu Shastra. If provision has made to have a balcony on the South West, then the sides of that balcony should be covered with glass or transparent screen.

To have more in rank about the basic tips on house VastuShastra, office Vastu and Vastu for industry, one can browse on the consequent pages provided by www.propertykhazana.com Further we would like to provide much more on Vastu Dosha, VastuPurusha Mandala and so on.


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