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History of Jalandhar

A brief Description

The traditional name ‘Jalandhar’ gives more myths behind it. During the period of Mahabharatha, an evil spirited prince was existed here and after his period, that place has got the name “Jalandhar ”.  The other statement as per the history of Ramayana, it was the capital of the kingdom of Lord Rama’s son by name Luv.  Apart from this, the term has got its other meaning i.e., as the place was under water and hence got its name as Jalandhar .  Practically the city of Jalandhar lies in between two famous lakes called Beas and Satluj.  As per ancient proofs, the city has got three important lakes by names Beas, Ravi and Sutlej around the city and the place has got another name as ‘Trigartta’.  The city has the got history about the Great Alexandra who established new milestones in his esteemed aim in winning the world. The great heroic Alexandra had considered the Jalandhar city as his Eastern parts of his terrain.  During his period, a big shrine was built to recognize this area belonging to his terrain and to maintain he appointed his people. 

After completion of the proper excavations, it has been recorded that the Jalandhar place has got its prominence in improving the Indus Valley civilizations, by Harappa and Mahenjadhar. During the seventh century, at the time, when Chinese traveler by name Hiuen Tsang, who visited India, the Jalandhar city was under the rule of the King Raja Utitio and was also recognized as the Rajput Raja Attar Chandra of the Katoch dynasty.   His empire has occupied a huge land to his ruling fold but considered as the branch of Harsha Vardhana king.  As per the Chinese traveler, it was mentioned that in this place about fifty Viharas and Maths, which belongs to Buddhism.  The rulers of Katoch Dynasty were ruled this place up to 12th century. One of the rulers from Shahi Kingdom of Punjab had ruled this famous historic place in between 11th and 12th century before the entry of Delhi rulers.  At the time of Mughal Empire they have made this place as their capital and overall administration of the empire was at Jalandhar. 

Before the ruling of Colonials, the place was under the control of Maharaja Ranjit Singh staring from 1811 and up to 1845.  The ruling of this famous Jalandhar continued by the British government up to the time of independence during which the national leaders were actively participated in the freedom movement from this region. Due to independence the city has seen the climax against the communal riots and bloodshed events and then people in a massive scale started their migration towards Jalandhar from neighborhood parts. The city has got its dais and moved towards the path of developments as a main business center in Punjab state.  As a result many industries have got its establishments to grow further in the field of leather products, tools that will be helpful in surgeries and sports articles.

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