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Haji Ali, Mumbai

Haji Ali Mumbai, Apartment for Sale, Mumbai Real Estate, Property News and Update

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About Haji Ali Mumbai

Haji Ali also known as Haji Ali Dargha is one of the sacred pilgrimage center for the Muslims. The place coordinates with 18.985 degree North latitude and 72.81 degree East longitude. The Dargha is located in South Mumbai close to Worli coast. Every year lakhs of Muslims come to Haji Ali to seek blessing of Syed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari whose tomb is situated here in Haji Ali.

About Haji Ali:

Haji Ali Dargha History:

Haji Ali was built in the year 1431 by a rich Muslim merchant by name Syed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukari who surrendered all the wordly possessions prior to undertaking pilgrimage to Mecca. Basically Peer Haji Ali Shah was from Bukhara, an Old Persian Empire now called as Uzbeskistan, travelled all-round the world in the mid 15th century until finally settled in Mumbai. There is a legendry story behind Syed Haji Ali that took place in 15th century. The story begins like this:

Once a woman was weeping on the roadside holding an empty vessel, the saint asked her why she was crying and for that the woman replied that since she has spilt the oil accidently, her husband would beat her. The saint told the woman to take her to the place where the oil was spilt. The saint with one of his finger touched the soil and to their surprise, oil gushed out from the ground bringing a huge smile and cheer in the face of the woman. This incident terribly kept disturbing the saint repeatedly and soon he fell sick and passed away. Before he died, he told his disciples to bury his body in a gasket and throw it into the sea so that it would reach the holy place of Mecca. While the gasket was floating in the sea, it got entangled and got stuck in the nearby rocks of the sea. As years passed by, a Dargha came up here which later came to be known as famous Haji Ali. All section of the society like Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Buddhists visit the shrine to get the blessings of the great saint. Especially on Fridays, the Dargha is even more crowded because according to Muslim calendar, any one visiting a Dargha on Friday will attain salvation. Many artists and Sufi musicians perform on Friday a devotional music known as Qawali in the Dargha.

Connectivity to the Haji Ali Dargha:

The approach to the Dargha is purely based on the nature of the tide. Since the Dargha is situated in the center of the sea, it is impossible to reach the Dargha during high tides, as the entire Dargha is engulfed under water. Thus, one can visit the shrine only when there is low tide in the sea. There is separate place for women devotees visiting the Dargha keeping in mind the privacy. For more updates on Haji Ali, one can get in touch with website


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