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Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA)

The main objective of energetic force behind the new development of the city in real estate segment is the Metropolitan Development Authority of Guwahati. The GMDA was established in 1992 as per Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority Act 1985 (amended). In order to make sure planned development of the Metropolitan area, GMDA has assumed the Master Plan and Zoning system prepared by the Town and Country Planning Department, Govt. of Assam in the year 1992 and is at the present in the development of preparing a new Master Plan and Zoning Regulations. This authority aims is to get the fundamental infrastructure which should reach the living standards of the growing city. As a result to this a transformed interest between real estate investors for the properties and lands in the city Guwahati. Consequently, the GMDA encouraged several local housing authorities and personal and individual builders to come forward with housing between the modern levels. At the similar instance, the authority is creating excellent attempt to develop the accessibility of basic amenities to the entire inhabitants living in the city. In addition, the public services, the urban improvement authority even designs for the improvement of roads, streets, parks, playing fields and other frivolous amenities. You can find entire information concerning to the present activities of different accommodation authorities and boards by getting touch with the mentioned address.

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