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Vasthu Consultants in Devanahalli Bangalore


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Definition of Vasthu:

The term Vasthu otherwise called as “Science of Construction” is an ancient Hindu concept which consists of precepts born out of traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings. They are based on directional alignments and designs.

Need for Vasthu Consultants:

There are many principals in Vasthu Shastra. It comprises of five elements namely Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. It is said that all these five elements should be in proportion. Any imbalance in one of these elements could lead to serious consequences. Vasthu Shastra prescribes desirable characteristics for sites and buildings based on flow of energy. Vasthu determines that the dwellings place where the people live should be in a proper and orderly manner. It is more related to the dimensions and the design of the property. Even science has come through with Vasthu. Vasthu says that in order to have calm, peacefull and prosperous life, there should flow of positive energy or “Chi”. If this energy is missing then there will flow of negative energies which lead to stressful life, unhappiness and frequent quarrels among family members and so on. In the earlier times not much prominence was given to Vasthu. But off late much emphasis is stressed on this principle. People have realized the importance of Vasthu and up to what extent they play a crucial role in their life. Today’s way is living is entirely related to Vasthu. Even the builders and the developers are constructing their properties as per Vasthu. They make it appealing by saying “Vasthu Complaint”. These builders and contractors have understood the importance of Vasthu. They have also come across with peoples preferences and are building the houses as laid down in the principles of Vasthu. Off late many TV Channels telecast LIVE shows on Vasthu, this has impacted highly on the home and site buyers and the craze for vasthu is increasing day by day.

Vasthu Consultants in Devanahalli:

Many residential and commercial properties that have come up in Devanahalli are being constructed as per Vasthu plan. This has attracted many individuals to buy properties in this part of the city. Since more of the houses and the flats are Vasthu complaint, many people are showing keen interest towards such ventures.

List of Vasthu Consultants available in and around Devanahalli

 Acharya RH Sharma  Vision Labs  Sri Balaji Astrological and Gems  Sri Nataraj Bhatt Devanahalli is the address for many vasthu consultants and www.propertykhazana.com is the website one can visit to know more about Vasthu Consultants in Devanahalli.

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