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Devampattu, Chennai

Devampattu Chennai, Apartment for Sale, Chennai Real Estate, Property News and Update

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About Devampattu Chennai

Devampattu is a little Village in Minjur Taluk Thiruvallur District of Chennai. The pin code of Devanampattu is 601201. The near by towns of Devampattu are Minjur, Pulai, Sholavaram, and Villivakkam. The nearby localities of Devampattu are Ellavur, Gururpalayam Mangavaram, Penaobulopuram, Kallur, Poliyarankulam, Sirupulapetai, Sunnambuklam, and Edoor. The place is a semi-commercial area and is well–known for garment companies. The Sipcot Industrial Area is in close proximity to Devmpattu.

About Devampattu

Hospitals in Devampattu

Devampattu is tiny village located in Thiruvallur District of Chennai. The place has many reputed Hospitals located in and around the locality and these Hospitals. These Hospitals are equipped with modern facilities and they treat the patients with utmost care. List of Hospitals that are found in Devampattu are:

  • Life Care DKJ Hospital
  • New Hope Family Care Hospital
  • Cauvery Trust Hospital
  • Women & Children Foundation Ltd
  • Care Super Multi Specialty Dental Hospital
  • Vigneshwara Hospital

Educational Institutions in Devampattu

Devampattu is a small Village in Minjur Taluk in Tiruvallur District in Chennai and is mostly a residential locality. The Place has many notable Educational Institutions and some of these Institutions are Government based and other privately managed. These Educational Institutions employ highly trained and qualified professionals and their coaching is excellent.

A list of the Educational Institutions that are located in and around Devampattu is given below:

o Emmanuel Matriculation School o Sri Jai Mathaji Matriculation School o Ann High School o National Matriculation High School o Danabalen Institute of Para Medical Sciences

IT/ Software Companies in Devampattu

Devampattu is a Village and one of the upcoming localities of Chennai. As the area is located in close proximity to SIPCOT Industrial Area, there are many Software/IT Companies that have been giving signs of development in and around Devampattu. These IT/Software companies may help boost the future prospects of Devampattu.

Property Trend in Devampattu

Devampattu is a Village situated in the Thiruvallur District of Chennai. One can foresee more developmental activities in the near future in this place. As the developmental activities are gaining momentum, the property rates are also increasing day by day.

Apartments in Devampattu

Devampattu is a Village in Minjur Taluk of Thiruvallur District of Chennai. As the place is developing steadily, there are many Apartments coming up in and around the locality. These Apartments are constructed by individuals/real estate agents/private groups with a 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK and so on and the rates of the Apartments may vary depending on the dimension, location, amenities and facilities and also on the group who develops them. These Apartments may be furnished, Semi-furnished and Unfurnished and they are either given for rent, lease or for outright purchase.

For more on the property trend in Devampattu and also about detailed information on the locality, one may log on to the website of www.propertykhazana.com.


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