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Constitution House, Delhi NCR

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About Constitution House Delhi

Constitution House is one of the highest seats of the Indian Govt. situated in the heart of the city that coordinates with 28.62624 degree North latitude and 77.21809 degree East longitude. Constitution House is surrounded by Baroda House, Bengali Market, Connaught Place, Election Commission Office, Janpath, Krishi Bhawan, Pragathi Maidan and Sansad Marg. The Constitution House is the supreme body that possesses all the power over the political bodies and comprises The President and 2 houses namely The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. The President of India has the sole authority to either summon the session or to dissolve the session as it is based upon the discretion of the President. The Constitution Houses consists of 790 Members out of which the Lok Sabha MP’s are elected directly by the Indian public and Rajya Sabha MP’s are elected by the members of the State Legislative Assembly.

About Constitution House in Delhi:

Lok Sabha also known as The House of the People consists of 552 members who are elected for a term of 5 years and the members should meet the following criteria like: He / She should be a citizen of India, Must have attained 25 years of age and above, He / She should be mentally sound and should not have any, criminal record against him or her, Should have the dynamic leadership abilities and qualities.

The Rajya Sabha also known as Council of States consists of 250 members who are appointed for a term of 6 years and they are elected by members of the legislative bodies of the States. To become a member of Rajya Sabha one must have the same criterion that is applicable to Lok Sabha and the members should be honest, committed and dedicated when taking oath of office along with Presidents presence in the Constitution House.

Functions and Duties of the Constitution House:

The Constitution House has certain powers and duties that are rested with it such as: To maintain legislation within its jurisdiction. Amendment of the Constitution. To seek approval from the President for ordinance and proclamation. To considerate the messages, speeches and addresses of the President. To considerate various resolutions, motions and social legislations.

The Constitution House is designed majestically in a semi circular way that consists of many conference rooms, libraries, and consists of an open verandah that has 144 pillars and columns. The domed circular central hall and the 3 semi circular buildings are used for conducting meeting of both the houses like Lok Sabha Session and Rajya Sabha Session and Winter Session.

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