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Chittoda, Indore

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About Chittoda

Chittoda is a Village in the Madhya Pradesh State under the jurisdiction of Sanwer Mandal in Indore District of the Madhya Pradesh State. Chittoda is located at a distance of just 10 Kms from the Sanwer main town and is located near Juni Indore Railway Road, which is a State Highway. The Chittoda Village is situated at a distance of 29 Kms from the District main city Indore and at a distance of 165 Kms from the State main city Bhopal. The nearby regions to Chittoda are Sanwer, Alwasa, Badarkha, Badodiya Khan, Baghana and Bajrang Padlya. The nearby towns to Chittoda are Depalpur and Indore. The Pin code for the Chittoda Village is 453551. It is located at latitude 22.98417 and longitude 75.83657.

Connectivity to Chittoda Village:-

Chittoda Village is mainly connected by the means of road transportation facilities. The bus terminal located in Sanwer town in the Sanwer District has several Buses towards Bhopal, Mhow and Indore regions that pass via the Chittoda Village. As the Juni Indore Railway State Highway road passes through the Chittoda Village there are several private vehicles such as Taxis and Auto Rickshaws as well available from different regions. The Chittoda Village is located at a distance of 33 Kms from the Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport.

Landmarks near Chittoda Village:-

The different landmarks near the Chittoda Village are:

  • Ninora
  • Panthipiplai
  • Sai Devi Machine Tools
  • Hotel Deepshika
  • Sanwer Main Choraha
  • Shri Mahaveer Tapobhumi

Educational Institutions near Chittoda:-

The different educational institutions that are present near the Chittoda Village region that offer a wide range of courses for the overall development of the students are as follows:

  • Parakh Public Higher Secondary School
  • St. Mary's Convent School
  • Indore Indira - School of Career Studies
  • Mahakal Institute of Technology
  • Maharaja College
  • Mahakal Institute of Technology
  • Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore
  • Takshshila Junior College

Hospitals near Chittoda Village:-

The hospitals present around the Chittoda Village are famous for the services they offer at an affordable rate to the patients. There are many specialized doctors in these hospitals and these hospitals handle emergency cases as well and following is the list of few of the hospitals in and near Chittoda Village:

  • Shri Guru Nanak Dev Hospital
  • Bapat Hospital & Lapro Surgery Centre
  • Mission Hospital
  • Sanjeevani Hospital

Real Estate in Chittoda Village:-

The future of the real estate market looks plump and bright in and around Chittoda region due to the robust growth in the real estate market. The value of the land is getting appreciated in recent times for residential and commercial sectors in and around the Chittoda region. Many residential projects ranging from 1 BHK to 3 BHK have come up in and around this locality in present times.

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