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Arambakkam, Chennai

Arambakkam Chennai, Apartment for Sale, Chennai Real Estate, Property News and Update

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About Arambakkam Chennai

Arambakkam is a Village situated in Thiruvallur District and around 62 Kms north of Chennai and very close to the northern region of Andhra Pradesh. The main business activity of Arambakkam is fishing and the place is also noted mango cultivation and a special variety of mango called the “Jawari Mango” is cultivated in this locality. The near by localities of Arambakkam are Tada, Sricity, Gummidipoondi, Kuppam, Irakam, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Sullurpeta, Ooty. The Arambakkam Railway Station is just one Km away from the Arambakkam Village and this railway station is situated on the Chennai- Vijayawada Border. Many passenger trains also make a halt at this station. There are many buses that ply from Arambakkam to Tirupathi and they pass through Srikalahasti, Nellore, Guntur, Vijayawada, Kakinada and Vishakhapatnam. The local residents of the area are mainly Tamil speaking people with some exception to Telugu residents also. Arambakkam also has a famous Church being called as “Vana Thudarkalin Annai Aalayam”. The area is primarily a residential locality.

About Arambakkam

Hospitals in Arambakkam

Arambakkam is a location in Chennai and the residents of the place follow different cultures. Arambakkam is a typical village in Tiruvallur District of Chennai. The place is located in the centre of the city and is a rapidly growing area of Chennai. The place has many reputed hospitals and following is the list of hospitals that are found in and around Arambakkam are:

  • S P Hospital
  • Ponmalligai Hospital
  • K P Childrens Hospital & Neuro Centre
  • G R Hospital
  • Deepam Diabetics Centre

Educational Institutions in Arambakkam

Arambakkam is one of the residential localities situated in Thiruvallur District of Chennai and the place is also in close Proximity to Andhra Pradesh. Arambakkam is famous for some reputed Educational Institutions and some of the major ones are:

  • DAV School
  • St. Britos Metric Higher Secondary School
  • New Prince Metric Higher Secondary School
  • Unity Matriculation School
  • St. Brittos College
  • D A V College of Education
  • Indian Institute of Technology

Software Companies in Arambakkam

Arambakkam is one of the most developing areas of Chennai. Though the place is mainly noted for fish cultivation, because of modernization and technological innovations, some reputed Software companies are emerging in and around the locality. Some of the software groups that are located here are:

  • Abco Advisory Services
  • Siebenberg
  • Jacs Teckraft Software Pvt Ltd.
  • Vanuston Intelligence Pvt Ltd.
  • Hubino
  • Elegant Systems

Real Estate – Arambakkam

Arambakkam is located in Thiruvallur District of Chennai. The area is developing at a faster pace in the recent past and there is much growth potentiality for the area in the near future. As the area is making enormous progress, the property rates are also equally rising and as there is more demand for commercial and residential complexes in Arambakkam.

List of Apartments in Arambakkam

  • Jains Sasvat Apartments
  • Shantiniketan Apartments
  • Narumukhai Apartments
  • Madhalavan Flats
  • Sundaram Flats
  • Balaji Villas
  • Jeayam Your Dreams
  • Anugraha Apartments
  • Greens Haritha
  • Sai Prasad Apartments

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