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About Thane

A brief Description

While connecting Indian western parts with the remaining world, to have a better trade link between the country of India and abroad countries on this globe, the city of Thane has played a vital role that can be understand through the history of this area which is located in the state of Maharashtra. The well existing ports such as Kalyan, Sanjan, Sopara and Thane are very helpful to have better trade links with the outside countries. Earlier, the rulers were very much benefited in their trade business with the other countries through these ports. Thus the city of Thane has got its prominence in the world map.

The region of the city of Thane has the proof that trades with foreign countries were done earlier to B.C. 2500, during which the modern rulers in this part of Thane have transacted heavily with countries like Babylon, Egypt and Phoenicia. In the epoch between 250 BC and 250 AD, the trade pollination took place with abroad countries like Greeks and Parthians and within the period of 250 AD to 640 AD transaction with Persians. In the initial time of 640 AD, the trade was done with that of Arabians along with Persians constantly till 1200 A.D. After that the history shows the entry of foreigners to India to rule with their power. As a result the city of Thane has come under the contact of Portuguese and the Britain countries.

It is well known that the city of Thane is a division of the North Konkan and the famous ruler Ashoka's proclamation had seen at Sopara establishment with the prominence as being a political and business place during the life time of Gautam Buddha. A few journalists from Arab country visited this area of Thane and given the trade account that was happened in the period of Shilharas ruling. As the Shilharas rulers were benefactor of art and tradition, preference had given to the artistic work that can be seen on the temples of Thane , which was built at Ambarnath. Between the periods of 1300 to 1500, the North Konkan region was under the ruling of Turk people who were in Delhi by deputing an enduringly Military commander stationed at Thane. After this British, Portuguese and Marathas were seen in this place. The 'Vasai' was under the capture of the Portuguese during the period from 1535 to 1739 and then under the control of Marathas with a longer term. In the year 1802, the agreement of Vasai had come under the British authority and in turn the area of Vasai had been included in the hold of Bombay. By the time of independence, the city of Thane started its constant growth up to the dearth of plot in Mumbai made the home seekers to get substitute place nearby Mumbai. Finally, the city of Thane has got preference from assemblage as that of Mumbai by consequent year. As soon as the real estate expansion to be progress in the north side of Thane , many associated companies had arrived with the reference of the propaganda made by many agencies authorized by the City Municipal Corporation of Thane. As a result, as on today, the city of Thane has got implementation in the real estate sector with a massive velocity and catalysing the Thane city to increase its revenue.


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