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About Madurai

A brief Description

If we come to know about Madurai place means the first description will be the Sangam literature. During the period of Sangam was famously called as the Golden age of Tamil literature. Here we come across several places with national importance. The city Madurai is also known as temple city. Madurai is situated on the banks of Vaigai River in Tamil Nadu, a southern Indian state.

The Madurai city was itself of great learning under the period and saw the construction of some of the premium pieces of Tamil literature in the previous part of the first, millennium and the period earlier. It is centered on the MeenakshiSundareswarar Temple that was the heart of the temple celebration customary called as Tiruvilayaadal incidents of Sundareswarar. The respected name of the popular Sangam poet Nakkeerar is connected with this customary of earlier Madurai city.    Madurai was the capital city of the Pandya kings of South India and was powered by the kings of Pandya till it approved into the powers of Cholas during the period of 10th century of the Christian period. The kings of Pandya had recognized trade connections with Rome and Greece that gave success into the area of their suzerainty. The development of trade experienced at the time Chola emperors who sustained to rule the Madurai region till the starting of the period 13th century.

 In year 1233 AD, the effort by the Pandyas to get back their kingdoms from the rulers of Cholas at last they thrived, and the city Madurai got back it’s missing beauty and become successful once more. The emperors of Pandyas were called to be a high supporter of Tamil language and several work of arts of Tamil literature were built at their power over the section.      The previous section of the 14th century saw several attacks on the city Madurai by the emperors of Delhi Sultanate and it became a section of the Delhi Empire, under the Tughlaks. The growing Vijayanagar Empire captured Madurai from the authority of Delhi rulers in year of 1371, and gave it under the power of Nayaks. The Nayaks got the power in their own hands after the breakdown of the Vijanagar Empire. The city Madurai got the creation of several outstanding structures at time in power of ThirumalaiNayak. A few of the testimonials built at this instance incorporate the PuduMandapam, the Raja Gopuram of the Meenakshi Amman Temple and the “ThirumalaiNayakar” Palace. Now in present days, when we hear about Madurai , Hotels/Madurai_Meenakshi_Temple.asp" target="_blank">Meenakshi Amman kovil comes to our mind. Words are not enough to glorify this temple. 

When the British set up their entire power over the city Madurai then the rulers of Nayaks ended up at the time of the final half of the 18th century. After having liberty from the bondage of the British rule, the city Madurai became an essential district of the Tamilnadu state. Madurai has a rich cultural heritage passed on from the great Tamil period more than 2500 years old, and has been an essential commercial hub even as early as 550 AD. After years it saw the construction of a new district by the name called as Dindugul from the old district of Madurai . The city is well known as nationally as a leader spiritual hub, and is visited by people from different parts of the country. Madurai is a place where people often tend to visit.

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