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 About Kanpur

A brief Description

Everybody assumed that the Kanpur has the history wherein of the day’s rear to the periods of Mahabharata. But while getting the verified account of its prehistoric and medieval history equal to thirteen century was found to be difficult. The resources that bowled radiance of that period which leaded the evidenced section of its history are legendary stories and the ruins of Jajmau and Bithoor.

When you come across the history of Kanpur it was basically known in the ancient times by the name called Kanhiyapur, the king Chandel Hindu founded the town and named following the Lord Krishna. Even various people compared the Kanpur to the resources of its name Karna, the great solider of the Mahabharata and during that period this analysis has made to known by the name of Karnapur.   From the modern city of about distance of 20 km you can find place called Bithoor, which is believed that the place was the ashram of the great sage Valmiki the one who wrote the Ramayana wherein the Lord Ram’s twin sons were brought up by their mother here.

And at the east of Kanpur city of about 8 km from the place you can another location of historical significance is Jajmau. As the enormous pile of wreckage will imply the existence of a great fort in ancient times. The king of Chandravanshi race called, as Yayati was believed that he built this fort. At Jajmau there are also the temples called Siddhanth temple of Lord Shiva and temple of Siddha Devi that is Hindu goddess in which the both temple belong to the Buddhist period.

 The kings of Parihar called Bhoj and Mihir was believed that they ruled the city Kanpur prior to the introduction of the Mughal time. In 1207 Raja Kanti Deo of Prayag established the village of Kohna, which was shortly to develop into the modern city of Kanpur . While the Kanpur city sustained to endure and expansion step by step with its history , during the time of Sher Shah’s administration the city was declared as the first historical records in 1579. After the defeat of Shuja-ud-daula in the battle fought close to Jajmau by the British Empire, the Kanpur city came under the powers of the British administrations where it expanded its importance. The Oudh Kingdom’s part of the village got into the hands of the British powers by understanding the planned significance improved into the military defense force. The period of industrial growth and human settlement was begun and immediately the Kanpur city was made as the district.  

In the year of 1857 the British military force was the Kanpur city that made the strong monopoly to the British Empire. And at the same period the British initiated the first battle of independence saw a lots of violence and killing committed by the British “Army of Retribution”. At the Satichara Ghat, the mass killings of many British lead to the complete misunderstandings. In reply to this the British rulers made the leaders of the nationalists like Nana Sahib and revolt sepoys was act against the fake charges and wild retribution by the ruling government. During this time, many improvements were made which smoothened by path for the appearance of Kanpur as business strength in later periods.  
The Kanpur city was happens to be the significant hub for the manufacture of textile and leather wares even previous to the independence of India. The local entrepreneurs established a huge number of textile mills, which gained the attentions of crowd of labors from neighboring regions and even encouraged the several tycoons to position their foundation here. Shortly the Kanpur city developed into great industrial city of the country, which has still maintained its successes even today.

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