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About Allahabad

A brief Description

The history of Allahabad has a played a vital role during the ancient Vedic civilization as the remains of Koshambi found on the banks of river Yamuna which gives plenty of evidence to the above assumption. Koshambi that is near the present Allahabad was founded by the early Indo Aryan settlers who established the Vatsa kingdom. Allahabad which is now the new town has taken more importance as Hastinapur, the capital of Vatsa ruler during those times was ruined by floods and the capital was moved to Koshambi. The great Hindu epics namely Ramayana and Mahabharata also mentions about the city of Allahabad.

The history which mentions about the Doaba region was known as Prayag, the previous name of Allahabad, which was situated at the meeting of the Ganga and Yamuna River. The region was the prosperous place for the growth of several civilizations and cultures. The history recalls the rise and fall of number of dynasties and rulers, and it was ruled by a few greatest empires of that country. So to be clearer, the Mauryan, the Gupta and the Kushan ruled Prayag and in 1193 this became a part of Delhi Sultanate.

Allahabad which got its new name for Prayag once the Mughals took over the throne of Delhi and this promptly gave rise to the importance of this place where in it could bring together two different cultures. Akbar who is the Mughal emperor during his rule built a fort at this place which was mostly used as a military barrack. As the downfall of the Mughal empire started taking place the Allahabad city was totally attacked by the rulers of Maratha which was eventually taken over by the British during the eighteenth century.

The victory of the Britishers in the battle of Buxor that took place in 1765 made them the masters of region of Doaba. In 1801 Allahabad was under the direct power of British East India Company who started royally ruling it after the Nawab of Awadh handed over it to them. At a later stage it was converted into a part of North Western Province of Agra. During the first Independence Movement in the year 1857 Allahabad was the source for national activities. The Northern Western Provinces and the United Provinces for few years later in second half of the nineteenth century made the city of Allahabad as the capital. After India got its Independence, Allahabad became the main city of Uttar Pradesh state. In the recent times we have seen that education has become a major centre and with increasing number of educational institutions in the region of Allahabad University.

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